Stoner Witch Radio

MWF 11am-1pm MST
MWF 11am – 1pm MST
Thanks to the Melvins, producer and host Melissa Spence was able to share her passion for music in a radio-program format. This show focuses on heavy metal, doom, blues, psychedelic, stoner rock and the classics of our time. Check out the show on several stations and hosting sites every two weeks; TrendKill Radio (US), Fuzzy Heavy & The Stoner Rock Army Radio (US), Pure Rock Radio (CA), Metal Meyhem Radio(UK), Mixcloud & Soundcloud.
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Melissa has been creating pro quality radio programming for 12 years as a host, writer and producer. She is dedicated to sharing music to encourage the live-music experience, the purchasing of music and the celebration of music. Please enjoy the show!